Somewhere in China.


Well, the 6 hour layover turned into a 7+ hour. The flight was epically long. I watched three movies. Slept about an hour at a time (better than what I’ve done before). So many things made me miss Wallace. Each seat had a video screen on the back. You could choose movies & TV shows, even games (all complimentary), but also you could choose “Flight Path,” which literally showed where you were at all times, the flight speed, the altitude, the time in Shanghai & the time in Chicago, & how much time was left in the flight. It had a picture of the globe that would literally show you where the airplane was. Wallace would have been transfixed. Also, one of the movies available was Casablanca. I watched it, just because it’s one of his favorites.


We missed our connecting flight into Bejing because of the delay. The rest of the trip is going to be all wonky because of it. Thank GOODNESS, Catherine has good contacts. We have another flight in the morning, & they put us up in the swankiest hotel I have ever been too. Three ENORMOUS chandeliers in the marble floor lobby. The chandeliers have lotus blossoms designed into it. Maybe I’ll get a picture of it in the morning. I exchanged my $150 for 800-something RMB’s. I don’t really understand the money.

Susie & I elected to take a stroll around downtown. I was hungry. But faced with trying to purchase things when I speak not one word of the language made me very overwhelmed. We saw lots of young people, probably out clubbing, but surprisingly few places were open at that time of night for a city this sized. We came back to the hotel & had a beer instead. I do know the name of one Chinese beer, at least, and the price is clearly printed on the menu, & the hotel takes credit cards.

We have to be up at 5:30 in the morning, at breakfast at 6:00, & leaving for the airport at 6:30. It’s 12:40 a.m. here. Susie just finished her shower, & I’m going to soak in the most fabulous bathtub I’ve ever seen.

I’m exhausted, & everything seems weird, & well… foreign. I hope a shower & some sleep will help.


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