Shanghai’d …or not

Our 2 hour layover in Chicago has turned into six hours.

Okay… really.

I splurged for a big breakfast of bacon & eggs (at $15 – gah).  I’ve only had one cigarette since I’ve been here.  Tried the nicorette gum.  It made my mouth all burny (!), so I thought I should spit that out.  I’ve spent $6 for Wi-Fi.  And accidentally bought a $4 bottle of juice.

This is one way to get over flight anxiety.  I’m so exhausted from my whole 2.5 hours sleep last night that I can’t WAIT to get on that plane & go to sleep.

At this rate, it looks unlikely that we’ll get into Bejing tonight (tomorrow? …whatever).  As long as I don’t have to sleep in the Shanghai airport.


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