Planning & loose ends & restlessness

I feel so overwhelmed at the thought of trying to have everything done before we leave on June 6th. June 5th is our last day of semester exams, so I won’t even have a work day between classes and leaving, much less a day for organizing and packing.

I keep thinking of things I need to do, but I’m so scattered. Like:

I need to call the credit card company & tell them I’m going to China so pretty please don’t cut off my credit.
Get some plug adapters

There was other stuff I was just thinking about… Now what was that?


Somehow have to have all my grades in, including my semester exam grades, which I’ll finish giving at 1:00 the day before I leave — that end of school checkout list (the scavenger hunt)…

Plus, at home I have the two teenagers. I hate to leave them completely unsupervised for a month… maybe they could hang out with my sister in NWA??

I have a peahen sitting on eggs that should hatch next week. I have a passle of chicken chicks that have only just moved to the outside brooder. Another passle of chicks is supposed to come in June 5th. I should have guinea eggs hatching sometime end of May (when did I actually start incubating those?). My husband & kids are going to have to be on double critter duty while I’m gone. I know they’ll hate that. I hope my critters all fare okay while I’m gone.

Gosh, one week between school & the trip would’ve been so helpful. I’m feeling scattered & rattled. I don’t even know that I’m excited. I’m too wigged out to be excited just yet. I’ll be excited to be on that plane & have all this stress behind me. I mean, once the plane takes off what’s done is done & what was left undone will work itself out.

And the nerve of my school — they’re expecting me to TEACH and, like, DO MY JOB for the next four weeks!


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